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4 points puts Border Patrol Agent Vadasz in prime position to win 5th NPSC title

Robert Vadasz on the range for the Pistol portion of the NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The Revolver Championships.

150 shots taken at 3, 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards from the standing, sitting, prone, and supported positions. It's half of the Open Class 3000 and a quarter of the Grand Championship. Win here and you're sitting pretty when the final bell sounds. So guess who is sitting pretty here?

With a score of 1495-118x, that pretty sitting person would be defending champion Robert Vadasz.

"It felt good," said Vadasz. "Shot well, got luck with a few and end up in a pretty good position going into the final day.

The final day, filled with the first sightings of this year's team matches, calls for the completion of two matches. The Shotgun Championships and the Off-Duty Sidearm match. Off-Duty completes the Individual Service Championships which includes Service Revolver, Stock Semi-Auto, Off-Duty, Distinguished Revolver and Distinguished Semi-Automatic. The Law Enforcement Shotgun Championships can be shot on any day of the championships.

That begs the question ... where does Vadasz sit in Shotgun and Individual Service Championships? We'll find out soon enough.

NRA's National Police Shooting Championships
Revolver 1500*

Place Name Department Score
1 Robert Vadasz U.S. Border Patrol 1495-118x
2 Tony Simmons U.S. Border Patrol 1491-101x
3 Thomas Luna LAPD 1490-95x
4 John Pride U.S. Border Patrol 1489-105x
5 Sean Foote LAPD 1488-102x
6 Kevin Worrell U.S. Border Patrol 1487-101x
7 Enoch Smith U.S. Border Patrol 1486-112x
8 Alaric Mason U.S. Border Patrol 1486-104x
9 Jack Ragsdale Tampa PD 1483-91x
10 Steven Voight Hanford Patrol 1482-96x

For more on NRA's National Police Shooting Championships, visit their website at
*Scores have been updated following the expiration of the challenge period


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