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South Carolina and New Mexico law enforcement takes top titles at NRA Nationals

Heath Clevenger wins the Tactical Division at NRA's Tactical Police Shooting Championships in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico - After two days of sloshing through the puddles and crawling through mud, the NRA broke down the numbers for their Tactical Police Competition at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park to name the winners. With totals of 400.41 seconds and 435.00, Heath Clevenger and Ferman Ortega won the Tactical and Patrol Division titles.

"I was really expecting this," said Clevenger. "I thought I would end up in the top ten, but after shooting through the rain and mud I never thought I'd be taking first place."

NRA's Tactical Police Competitions are divided into two categories; Patrol and Tactical. Patrol is limit to officers who compete with their standard duty firearms ... pistols, shotguns and rifles. Tactical allows shooters to use optics on the rifle and a semi-automatic shotgun. Those who complete the course in the least amount of time wins.

There to help hand out awards was none other than Full Metal Jacket favorite and NRA Board Member R. Lee Ermey. Once we were finally able to pull the crowds back from the Hollywood icon, the ceremony broke down the top finishers in teams, county, state and individual categories.

"The guys really appreciate Gunny coming out for this," said NRA Competitions Manager Marc Lipp. "It's not every day you run into a movie star."

There are two matches left on NRA's Tactical Police Competition schedule; New Hampshire in October and San Antonio in November. If you're feeling the itch to try your tactical competition skills, this is where you need to be. Just remember, law enforcement only.

Ferman Ortega wins the Patrol Division at NRA's Tactical Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque

NRA's New Mexico Tactical Police Competition
Patrol Division

Place Name Department Score
1 Ferman Ortega Bernalillo Co. Sheriff's Dept. 435.00
2 Phil Cicero Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept. 454.82
3 John Gregory U.S. Border Patrol 457.48
4 David Moore Dorchester Co. Sheriff's Dept. 457.90
5 Jim Roeske Fairfax County PD 464.40
6 Dan Perdue Fairfax County PD 476.79
7 Matt Shaw Lancaster Co. Sheriff's Office 478.02
8 Curtis Brotherston U.S. Army Reserves 494.05
9 Michael Talbert Richmond PD 502.78
10 Rob Sloan Fairfax County PD 515.84

NRA's New Mexico Tactical Police Competition
Tactical Division

Place Name Department Score
1 Heath Clevenger York Co. Sheriff's Dept. 400.41
2 Christopher Ambrose U.S. Border Patrol 422.42
3 Buddy Brown York Co. Sheriff's Dept. 434.35
4 Dave Seely U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement 451.17
5 Paul Gregory Adams Co. Sheriff's Office 478.63
6 Jose Aleman U.S. Border Patrol 484.14
7 Lee Biegert San Antonio Police Dept. 485.69
8 Oscar Sanchez U.S. Marine Corps 505.02
9 Todd Bowling Bernaillo Co. Sheriff's Dept. 511.77
10 Wade Pinkston ADF-SW 511.93

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