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Opening Ceremonies to NRA Police Championships at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park

Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry welcomes competitors to NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Hundreds of competitors and fans gathered at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park for the NRA National Police Shooting Championship's opening ceremonies. Headlined by Mayor Richard Berry, Monday's opening marked the seventh consecutive time the championships kicked off in Albuquerque.

Along side Albuquerque Police Chief Allan Banks and members of the NRA Board of Directors, Berry expressed thanks and good luck for those who made the trip out to America's Land of Enchantment. Below is a portion of his opening address:

"We are absolutely thrilled to have you here again. We want to make Albuquerque the long term home of this event. We've made some great progress on that with the NRA and their board of directors. This is my fourth opportunity as Mayor to host this event. I just want to tell you, it's absolutely fantastic for a couple of reasons.

"Number one, it allows us to show off our beautiful city. We're awful proud of where we live and all that we have to offer. As a former student athlete at the University of New Mexico, I love competitions. So it's great to see the level of competition that is here — particularly when it surrounds public safety and it involves all the great work that the men and women around this country … are doing to keep us all safe.

"It doesn't hurt either that you fill up all the hotel rooms and eat at our restaurants and shop at our shops while you're here. So it's kind of a combination of lots of things.

Albuquerque Police Department Chopper takes off after opening ceremonies at NRA Police Championships

"We're really glad that you're here, we wish you well. I want to thank our entire team that's help put this together. Tim Gonterman, Richard Donaghue, Chief Banks and everyone from the Albuquerque Police Department and the Shooting Range Park who've come together to put this together.

"I know we've had a few challenges with the weather this year, but it looks like we're drying out. But we just want to wish you well while you're here, wish you good luck in your competition, and wish you safe travels on your way home. To the NRA, thank you once again for believing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We will do everything we can in the coming years to make sure this is where you continue to want to be.

"Thanks again everybody and have a great competition."

With that, the Mayor departed, the helicopter took off, the competitors took to the line and the championship began.

For continued scores and updates, keep check back here on NRAblog.

John Pitts of Lincoln, Nebraska shooting at the NRA National Police Shooting Championships in New Mexico

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