By Lars Dalseide | September 15 2013 14:44

Downpours in Albuquerque provides another level of difficulty for Law Enforcement shooters

Front loader dumps gravel on NRA Tactical Police Competition course at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Flash flood warnings are the norm in New Mexico this week. With record rainfalls and a continuous deluge, the campgrounds, streets, bridges and local landmarks are experiencing what some refer to as a once in a lifetime flood. Those taking part in NRA's National Police Shooting Championships at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park are feeling the affects as well.

Shooting bays once filled with elaborate sets and stages now sit in a foot of water. So deep are the pools that a front loader was called in to dump gravel and dirt along several firing points. Still, no matter what the obstacles, the competition moves on.

"The level of difficulty has definitely been raised," said Buddy, an Range Safety Officer directing one of the stages. "If you're competing today then you're going to get wet."

On the blind stage, set at the far end of the Shoot Range Park's shooting bays, targets rest a good ten feet into the water. Stage 4, a twelve target shotgun match, has turned into an all out regatta. And stage 3 has water at all but one of their eight firing points. In addition to the rounds striking the water after finding their targets, ejected shells are pinking and plunking into the waterways as well.

Competitor runs through the water at NRA Tactical Police Competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Competitors have been understanding.

"We knew we were going to run into a few puddles, maybe more than a few, but it's just another obstacle to overcome," said Daniel, a police officer from Texas. "It's definitely going to be one to remember."

The Tactical Police Competition concludes later this afternoon. Though most will be soaked, at least to their toes, their worries and troubles should dissipate (along with the rain, hopefully) when the Award Ceremony kicks off around 7pm. Expected to serves as celebrity emcee is none other than Full Metal Jacket's R. Lee Ermy … the Gunny. After a few handshakes, pictures and awards for their performance this weekend, their time in the trenches should soon be forgotten.

"I just hope I remembered to pack another pair of socks," said Dan.

NRA official tends to a target in ankle deep water in New Mexico

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