By Kyle Jillson | September 13 2013 11:27

Former Range Master from the Forth Worth Police Department opens her bag for the NRA

NRA Police Pistol champion Dorcia Meador

In this month's issue of Shooting Sports USA, Barb Baird of Women's Outdoor News sits down with Dorcia Meador, who continued to follow her passion for firearms from career to retirement. As always, Barb only had one question for Dorcia: What's in your range bag?

Some people retire from their jobs and then live their passions. Not Dorcia Meador, now in her third year of retirement from the Fort Worth Police Department, after serving for 31 years. For the last 14 years with the department, she was the Range Master for 1,500 “sworn personnel.” Meador began competing while on the force, and still competes today. During the past 23 years, she has earned 5 NRA Police Pistol Combat (PPC) Woman’s Championship titles and fired several PPC National Records. When she’s not competing, she can be found teaching as an adjunct instructor with Safariland’s Training Group and President of Precision Pistol Training.

Dorcia’s guns: “For semi-autos, I shoot all Springfield 1911, 9mm custom guns in the Open 1500, Distinguished Auto and Stock Auto competitions. “Love, love, love those guns. So accurate,” said Dorcia. “For revolvers, I shoot all Smith & Wessons: A model 64, made by Bob Jones, for the Open 1500, and the others are just stock guns from the factory: A model 19 with 2.5-inch barrel, a model 586 with 4-inch barrel and a model 14 with a 6-inch barrel.

What’s in the bag? She carries a Safariland bag that holds all her leather gear. She can use the end pockets for speed-loaders, a K-frame and an L-frame revolver. Then, she gets down to the business of organizing everything else inside the bag.

  • Safariland belts, holster, magazine and speed loader pouches
  • Safariland loading trays for K & L frames (to make it easy to load speed loaders on the firing line)
  • Lou Reno Holster (revolver)
  • S & W clear shooting glasses plus an extra pair
  • Peltor ear muffs and Howard Leight ear plugs
  • “Justrite” old miner’s small lantern smoker (used to blacken sights on guns)
  • Rain gear, staple gun and repair kit for leather gear (snaps)
  • Lyman Pistol Max 9mm cartridge gauge (check sizing of ammo) and primer seater
  • Data book for recording hits on target, wind, weather, site settings (used as a reference for future competitions)
  • Nitro binoculars
  • Cleaning rod, brush and rags
  • NRA Rule Book
  • Marks-A-Lot permanent marker (Works well in rain)

Dorcia will be shooting in the National Police Shooting Championship in Albuquerque from Sept. 15 through 19. See the SSUSA article about her at:


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