By Lars Dalseide | September 8 2013 13:15

Despite power outage, NRA's 2013 Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Awards Ceremony powers on

Joseph Hall on stage when the lights go out at NRA's Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Awards Ceremony

Port Clinton, Ohio - The lights have gone out at Camp Perry before. In fact, a championship without a power outage for at least a few hours just wouldn't feel like Perry. But this time they did it right.

Just as Deanna Binne made her way up to claim the High Junior Any Sights awards it went dark. Nothing to see. Just cellphones and the odd flashlight or two to light up the night, Smallbore Match Director Howard "H.Q." Moody powered on.

"It happens some times," said Moody. "These competitors traveled a great deal of distance and put a lot of work into getting here. It's our job to recognize them for their achievements whether or not we have power."

Luckily for Moody, and those traversing the stage in the dark, a solution was discovered about a dozen awards later ... just in time for the overall awards.

Amy Bock accepts her Smallbore 3-Position Rifle award at NRA Awards Ceremony

Remington Lyman with Junior title, Joseph Todaro with the Collegiate, John Funk the Senior, Amy Fister the High Woman, Erin Lorenzen the High Service and Tarl Kempley the High Civilian. That's when they called Lones Wigger to the stage.

A 21-time National Rifle Position Champion, 5-time Olympian, World Record Holder and a member of the NRA Smallbore Rifle Committee, Wigger was there to hand out the overall awards. It was a moment appreciated by all. "Lones Wigger handing me the championship medal, that was unbelievable," said Smallbore 3-Position champ Joseph Hall. "It was a truly an honor."

With the final name called, competitors came to the stage and congratulated the winners ... promising to unseat them next season no doubt. Their summer complete, they shared their stories, promised to call, and slowly sauntered out of the grand old Hough Theater. No doubt the tale of when the lights went out in Ohio will be shared this time next year.

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