By Lars Dalseide | September 7 2013 12:56

NRA Celebration brings down the house ... our at least the lights ... for Smallbore Awards Ceremony

Trophies sit upon the Hough Theater stage for NRA's Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Awards Ceremony

Port Clinton, Ohio - The awards ceremony for NRA's Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Championships took place on Wednesday night this summer at Camp Perry's Hough Theater. The festivities were emceed by NRA Smallbore Rifle Manager Howard "H.Q." Moody.

"Planning for the National Matches starts about ten months prior to the First Shot Ceremony in early July," Moody told the crowd. "There is a great amount of NRA Staff work and resources that make these matches possible. Additionally, there are more than 100 volunteers on the National Matches Staff. These people give of their time and of themselves to travel to Camp Perry to make the Smallbore Rifle Championships possible."

First to recognized were the double distinguished — those who earned top scores in the smallbore prone and position shooting. Throughout the years, only 119 people have earned such a distinction. That night, three more were added to the group. Tarl Kempley, Reya Kempley and William Burket.

Next came the Drew Cup. A plucky collection of junior shooters, the Drew Cup is an international postal match sponsored by the NSRA of England. Shot in the "English Match" course of fire, details from the Drew Cup match can be found in an earlier post.

NRA Smallbore 3-Position Team Champions U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit's Team Blue

Then it was time for the teams — the Metallic Sight Teams and the Any Sight Teams. Both of the overall titles went to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit's Team Blue ... not that big a surprise. It was after that, during the individual awards, when the fun began.

With NRA Smallbore Committee Member Bill Terry onstage, the lights went out. Complete darkness. Laughter and surprise filled the theater as smartphones and flashlights lit up the night. No power, no microphone and no way to proceed. That's when Moody sprang into action.

Calling for the stage and side doors to be opened, ambient light from outside filled the walkways and stage. Moving slower, and ever so carefully, the ceremony went on.

And we'll tell you the rest about that tomorrow.

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