By Lars Dalseide | September 5 2013 10:54

NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape teaches shooting, hunting and outdoor skills in New Mexico

Welcome sign for the NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape at the Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico

Fairfax, Virginia - Labor Day marks the end of summer. Kids return to school, weather starts to chill and football is back in season. But for the NRA, Labor Day marks the final sprint towards the Women's Wilderness Escape.

Held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico, the Women's Wilderness Escape is an eight-day retreat into the great outdoors. Up to 60 participants per session (the first runs from September 21 through September 28 and the second runs from September 29 through October 6) will be traipsing through 33,000 acres of New Mexico's high mesa country to learn the basics of shooting, hunting, game calling as well as survival skills. And that's just the beginning.

"It's more than just hunting and shooting," said NRA Sports Program Specialist Kara Schlifke. "On the firearm side alone we're teaching these ladies how to shoot smallbore rifle silhouette, scoped/tactical carbine, long range high power rifle, conventional and tactical pistol, historic firearms and shotguns."

Those making the journey out west will be divided into five different groups that rotate through the programs. Whether outdoor veterans or virtual greenhorns, each will be run through the basics of every skill. How to load a firearm, adjust the sights, trigger control and cleaning after the day is done. But as Women's Wilderness Escape student sporting some high caliber earringswe said, it's not just about firearms.

"The archery is something that surprises most people," said Schlifke. "They don't associate that skill with the NRA, but this course is about everything it takes for our ladies to head out into the woods when they get back home."

Young or old, hunter or gatherer, the NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape has everything it takes to turn you into the ultimate outdoorswoman. So if you're itching for a bite at the outdoor apple, then get in touch with Kara at 703-267-1011 or fill out an application at


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