By Lars Dalseide | September 1 2013 11:52

Police Championships being September 16th at Shooting Range Park

Robert Vadasz shoots bullseyes at NRA National Police Shooting Championship 2012

Fairfax, Virginia - NRA's National Police Shooting Championships are only a couple of weeks away. A couple of weeks until almost 800 law enforcement officers from across the globe make camp in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There they'll spend three full days (four if you shoot teams, up to six if you take part in the tactical) trying to get as close to 6,200 as possible.

Earlier favorites for the overall prize come from the United States Border Patrol.

Florida-based agent Robert Vadasz, a four-time National Police Shooting Champ, leads the charge. Close behind are fellow agents Kevin Worrell and Enoch Smith. After that ... who knows?

"We have a number of promising competitors from all over the world," said NRA Law Enforcement Competitions Manager Marc Lipp. "Teams from ICE, LAPD, even a few of the guys from Germany could make a run at the title."

Prior to the Championships, competitors can warm up their trigger fingers with an NRA Tactical Police Competition (TPC). Set up to simulate real-life scenarios, the TPCs allow the officers to put their duty shotgun, rifle and sidearm to the test. Running around corners, kicking in doors — it's the closest thing to the real thing out there.

Held every year at the Shooting Range Park, start time for hte Championships on opening day is 7:30 am. No membership, preregistration or classification is necessary - just show up, sign up and shoot.

So if you've got a badge, or retired with on in hand, then get out to Albuquerque. We've got room.

Sign up for the 2013 NRA National Police Shooting Championships.


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