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Long Range Rifle means more power and less forgiveness at NRA Championship

Shooters lined up for the 2013 NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championships in Port Clinton, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - The final leg of NRA's National Rifle & Pistol Championships is for the Long Range High Power Rifle. Shot over a four day period (five if you include the Palma Team Matches), Long Range is just what is sounds like ... shooting a high power rifle at targets sitting 1,000 yards down range. Not for the feint of heart.

The competition opened yesterday with the Remington Band of Brother's (20 shots at slow fire in 30 minutes with any sights), the Mustin matches (20 shots at slow fire in 30 minutes with metallic sights only) as well as the NRA Minuteman and NRA Defenders matches (for the F-Class shooters only).

Facing cloudy skies with the occasional drop of rain, conditions were prime for a good showing by all. Though there was the odd gust of wind here and there (what else would you expect from Camp Perry?), the lack of direct sunlight means there were no heat plumes for the shooters to skirt around — probably why there were 20 perfect scores of 200 (none when including the Xs or bullseyes) between to the two matches.

Today's totals are still being tallied. Once that's done, a shootoff for the day's big events (the Leech Cup, the Porter Trophy, the Andrus Trophy and the Roumanian Trophy) will determine the overall respective winners.

Until then, here's how they fared on Day One:

NRA Long Range High Power Rifle
Remington Band of Brothers

Place Name Score
1 Tyrel Cooper 200-15x
2 Stuart Mackey 200-14x
3 Shane Barnhart 200-14x
4 Michelle Gallagher 200-14x
5 Shirley Mcgee 200-14x

NRA Long Range High Power Rifle
Mustin Trophy

Place Name Score
1 Steve Mcgee 200-14x
2 Natasha Pitre* 200-12x
3 Grant Felbaum 200-11x
4 Shirley Mcgee 200-09x
5 Brandon Keith Green 200-07x

*Natasha Pitre won the three way shoot-off and is the 2013 Mustin Trophy Champion
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