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New High Power Rifle Competition sees former champions battling for the new prize

NRA Rifleman Bob Gustin leads the midrange rifle championships at the NRA Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Running along side the NRA High Power Rifle Championships are this year's Mid-Range Rifle Championships. So what does that mean? Well, it's a rifle match with targets further out than the High Power Championships yet not quite as far as the Long Range High Power Rifle Championships. Simple enough? It is for Bob Gustin.

Here in the midwest from his home in California, Gustin currently leads the Mid-Range High Power Rifle Championships. A winner of last year's Wimbledon Cup match, Gustin's total is a good ten points ahead of his nearest competitor. But that might not last.

For as we go to print on this update, another round of shooters are still out on the range. After the scores from former NRA Rifle Champions like David Tubb and Nancy Tompkins are added to the leaderboard, there's a chance Gustin might fall a peg or two. But only if they're perfect. And they've been perfect before. Many times before.

The Mid-Range High Power Rifle competition is a new addition to the Remington/NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships. Shot from ranges of 300, 500 and 600 yards, it provides shooters with another round of challenges during their annual summer sojourn to the banks of Lake Erie. That means we'll have brand new champions, brand new records and brand new names to grace the trophy case here at the NRA.

Below are the preliminary scores:

NRA Mid-Range High Power Rifle Championships
Preliminary Scores

Place Name Score
1 Robert "Bob" Gustin 1793-123x
2 Jim Fowler 1784-101x
3 S. Landry 1782-81x
4 Shawn Agne 1780-60x
5 Robert Herrmann 1778-81x
6 J. Terhune 1775-80x
7 Blair Clowdis 1773-92x

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