By Lars Dalseide | July 24 2013 22:21

Pistols, Rifles and Cannons? Tricks shots and big guns come out for Top Shot

Apparently the producers for Top Shot had quite the bit of action left in their History Channel quivers. With three trick shots and a mountain gun awaiting, here are five quick thoughts on episode eight of Top Shot All-Stars:

It took a Hotchkiss Mountain Gun to send Kelly home on this episode of Top Shot All Stars
Problems with a cannon reload ended Kelly's time on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. The initial challenge, a trick shot three-fer, meant it was time to put the individuals into teams. Three teams of three to be exact. Two things jumped out during the selection phase as Joe Serafini was picked in the first round and Kelly Bachand didn't hit the wire until round three.

    Huge surprise given the way each has performed up to this point.

  2. No sooner do I open my big mouth about who was picked when than Serafini comes up big (2 for 3 in the throwing a can of soda in the air and hitting it with a Schofield Revolver) and Kelly goes one for three on the "opening a bottle with a Volquartsen task.

    Nice bit of foreshadowing as Kelly opened the night saying team competitions never work out well for him … all to true here.

  3. Top performers in the opening challenge were Pete Palma and Gary Quesenberry. Gary ended up hitting two out of three on the "shooting a Q-tip with the Volquartsen rifle" trick while Pete was three for three on the soda/Schofield challenge ... even without his special pants.
  4. Proving Ground gave the boys a SIG SAUER P229 to shoot at 50 feet. Recent challenges saw shooters come close to center with a long gun in hand. At 50 feet, a pistol is an entirely different animal. Wrangling said animal were Chris Cerino, Adam Benson and Kelly. Though presented with a grand opportunity to keep out of elimination on the final shot, Benson went wide to the outside and joined Kelly in the finale.
  5. The Elimination Round went with a big gun. A French gun. In all … a Hotchkiss Mountain Gun. All they had to do is send a 42mm through three collections of kegs (Coors Light according to a competitor's tweet) sitting 180, 200 and 220 yards downrange. Foreshadowing returned in the practice round as Kelly was schooled in the mistakes of competitors past. After hitting the first set of targets, Kelly failed to complete the proper locking and loading procedures, pulled the cord and nada. A few pulls later and he realized what went wrong.

    Alas it was too late. Benson bombed his remaining kegs before Kelly even got close. Farewell young Skywalker.


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