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Marksmanship Unit's Hall grabs lead, facing shoot-off in Prone

Joseph Hall of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit leading the 2nd Day of Competition at NRA Smallbore 3-Position Rifle

Port Clinton, Ohio - The second day isn't any easier than the first.

As scores start piling in for Day Two of NRA's Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Championship, the leaderboard fluctuates from here to there to god knows where. One constant, if there is just one, is Joseph Hall from the U.S. Army Marksmanship Team.

A new face here at Perry, at least in recent history, Hall blazed through Day One of the competition to finish with a 1190-78x. Same point total as Fort Wayne's Erin Lorenzen, but a good 13 points higher in the bulls.

Hall has taken that momentum and rolled. Landing in the top three in the first two phases of Any Sight, he's currently on the range with a close collection of competitors just waiting for a slip up. But it'd have to be a heck of a slip if they hope Hall will give way.

The day's first phase, Prone, produced something of an anomaly — a three way tie. Not just a tie, but a perfect 40 for 40 with 40 bullseyes tie. So what do we do? Shoot-off.

While the winner of said shoot-off will not receive any big boost in their point totals, a little bragging rights is never anything to frown upon. Here's how it works.

The three shooters tied at 400-40x will get into position and fire. And fire and fire and fire. Eventually one will drop a point or two. That shooter will be pull back from the firing line while the remaining two will fire and fire and fire and fire until there's another drop.

It could take minutes or it could take hours. We'll just have to wait and see.

So how close was the morning's prone match? This close:

Female shooter takes a break before firing in NRA's Smallbore 3-Position Any Sight championships

NRA Smallbore 3-Position Rifle
Any Sight - Prone

Place Name Score
1 Reya Kempleyl 400-40x
2 Joseph Hall 400-40x
3 Michael Mcphail 400-40x
4 William Beard 400-39x
5 Peter Fiori 400-38x
6 Mark Gould 400-38x
7 Jason Parker 400-38x
8 Garrett Rabel 400-38x
9 Remington Lyman 400-38x

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