By Lars Dalseide | July 17 2013 12:50

Smallbore shooters on the first day of 3-Position Rifle Championships in Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - Beating back the heat currently encompassing most of the United States, hundreds of competitors took to the field the morning for the NRA's Smallbore 3-Position Rifle Championships. And it hasn't been easy.

Though without the winds and rain that pounded last week's pistol shooters have departed, there are still a few threats on the horizon.

"Weather reports suggest they'll only have to deal with the heat until Friday," said Neal, an NRA Block Officer here at the Championships. "Then we'll have the rain. Can't have a smallbore championships without a little rain."

Female shooter taking aim during the standing phase of NRA's 3-P Smallbore Championships Today's matches focus on the metallic or iron sights. No fancy scopes or optics, just the plain on pins and Vs that the factory gave them.

Through the first two relays, prone and standing, only the kneeling portion remains to see who takes the first title of the week. Unfortunately, only scores from the prone leg of the metallic or iron sight championship are posted in full.

With that in mind, here are the preliminary scores for the standing portion of the title hunt.

NRA's 2013 Smallbore Rifle Championships
3-Position - Standing

Place Name Score
1 Reya Kempley 400-38x
2 Katie Bridges 400-37x
3 Tarl Kempley 400-37x
4 William Beard 400-37x
5 Joseph Hall 400-36x

Right and left handed shooter side by side in the NRA's 3-P Smallbore Championships


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