By Lars Dalseide | July 12 2013 14:09

Day two of Pistol Champions at the NRA Nationals in Camp Perry

Officials look over a target during the Center fire Stage of the NRA Pistol Championships in Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - The 2013 NRA National Pistol Championships started Tuesday, July 9th at the Ohio National Guard Base known as Camp Perry. In the books are the .22 and prelim stages of the title chase. Sitting at the top of that pyramid was Chad Ranton. Today they moved on to the Cabot Guns Center Fire Championship.

Center Fire is just what it sounds like. The pistol's firing pin strikes the cartridge at the center of the base whereas rimfire, well, it strikes the base at the rim. Usually the center fire options are reserved for the higher caliber rounds. Usually.

Cabot Guns' Center Fire Championship is made up of four separate matches. Though we'll have an overall update later in the day, for now will stick with the preliminary scores for the Center Fire Rapid Fire match. Question is ... how did Mr. Ranton fare in this round?

National Pistol Championship
Center Fire Rapid Fire Match

Place Name Score
1 Philip Hemphill 200-13x
2 Yunhyok Chang 199-12x
3 Jordan Kramp 199-10x
4 John Zurek 199-09x
5 Keith Sanderson 198-12x
6 Brian Zins 198-10x
7 James Morman 198-09x
8 Emil Milev 198-06x
9 Grayson Palmer 197-12x


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