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Eleven-time champion Brian Zins bounces back from tough Thursday to lead 2013 championship race

2013 NRA National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Friday at the 2013 NRA National Pistol Championships saw competitors put 90 more shots downrange as they fired the Centerfire Championship presented by Cabot Guns. As you might guess, the Centerfire Championship is shot entirely with centerfire ammunition - as opposed to rimfire.

As firearms history goes, rimfire is the older primer technology by a few decades. Centerfire is a little more complex, but more reliable and can provide greater precision accuracy in the right hands. It just so happens that a few hundred of those right hands happen to be at Camp Perry, eager to hit x-rings.

When we left off at the conclusion of Thursday's .22 Caliber Championship, 11-time national champion Brian Zins had found himself ten points behind the leader and tied for ninth overall after his relay experienced strong winds. Twenty-four hours later, Zins is back on top. Not content to let the weather hold him back on his quest for a 12th title, Zins star went nothing short of berserk on the firing line, shooting a 880 out of 900 and leaping to the front of the pack.

The Top Shot star now sports a 1749-83x out of 1800. Joining Zins on his climb up the ladder was John Zurek. Five points behind yesterday's leader, Chad Ranton, Zurek posted an 868-42x and has moved into second, seven points behind Zins. After taking his own turn at a tough day, Ranton is now situated in 8th with a 1726-66x.

The ground at Camp Perry is still exceedingly muddy, but with three days complete and only one left, mud is the new normal. Despite all this, spirits are still high and shooters joke about renaming the championship the Mud Shoot.

"I really have to hand it to our shooters and volunteers who are out there all day," Deputy Match Director Damien Orsinger said. "Their willingness to push on is a testament to how much they care about this sport."

Tomorrow, the final day of the championships, sees shooters beef up their ammunition for the .45 Caliber Championship. The .45 also happens to be where Zins does the best and, if his performance today is any indication, it will be hard to top the defending champ.

Only 90 more shots before the 2013 national champion is crowned.

Center Fire Championship

Place Name Score
1 Brian Zins 880-45x
2 Keith Sanderson 870-38x
3 John Zurek 868-42x
4 James Henderson 866-34x
5 William Kevin Walker 865-33x

National Pistol Championship

Place Name Score
1 Brian Zins 1749-83x
2 John Zurek 1742-75x
3 Emil Miley 1735-62x
4 Philip Hemphill 1732-83x
5 Charles Holt 1729-52x


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