By Lars Dalseide | July 10 2013 22:18

From Barrett's MRAD to a Henry Rifle to a stick, Top Shot tries for all corners in long range challenge

After taking a break for the 4th of July holidays, Top Shot returns to the History Channel airwaves. Feeling a need to fill in the blanks, here are five quick thoughts on the rifle and atlatl play in episode six of Top Shot All-Stars:

Fumbling at long range and close range rifle, Alex went home on this episode of Top Shot All Stars
Alex calls it quits after bad rifle and stick days on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. George Reinas returned to Top Shot as a expert for the long range sniper shot. And wouldn't you know, he was even more George than ever. Though underutilized in the final cut, he was on hand for tips and pointers along the Craig "Sawman" Sawyer. George had him beat hands down … especially when it came to the hair.
  2. Jamie Franks was first to go and knocked it out of the park. Nailing a one mile shot in 30 seconds, he finished the competition with the top overall score. Kelly Bachand was a close second (due to his competitive rifle experience and shooting glasses). As for the others, well, there were a variety of strategies involved. Chris Cerino shot, waited and adjusted. Brian Zins fired, reloaded, fired, reloaded, fired … you get the picture. Any guesses as to who performed better?
  3. The Proving Ground round was a round of four. Alex Charvat, Brian Zins, Pete Palma and Joe Serafini. For some reason, Colby Donaldson made point of pointing out four different firearms. A Colt Peacemaker, a 1860 Henry Rifle, a SIG P229 and a Steyr SSG 08. Then he grabbed the Henry and had everyone shoot. So what was the point of bringing out the other three? Maybe a sponsorship package?
  4. Three went to the elimination round. Joe, who went first, was a mere 1.5 inches outside of center. Alex, Zins and the American-Flag-styled pants wearing Pete were all a good three to four inches further out. Surprising when you consider that Joe made his bones by way of the bow and arrow. The other guys … all shooters, all going to elimination.
  5. Leaving the gunpowder behind, Alex, Zins and Pete were handed the most primitive of all devices (sans the dreaded rock episode) - the Atlatl. Now you all remember this from seasons past. Launch a six foot dart at a target down range. To quote my good friend from the Haus of Guns, very anti-climatic.

    Going nine rounds (Who goes nine rounds in anything?) Pete had the win while Zins tied Alex with one throw to go. With an Alex miss, all Zins had to do was put a point on the board … which he didn't. So they go to a sudden death two round (again, why two rounds?) elimination. Zins hits big, Alex hits, well, not enough.


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