By Kyle Jillson | July 7 2013 13:01

High school students and Top Shot's Chris Cheng practice target shooting during NRA Youth Education Summit

NRA Youth Education Summit at the NRA Range

Fairfax, Virginia - It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the first stop of the NRA Youth Education Summit's weeklong Washington D.C. tour was NRA Headquarters. After a full day spent learning about the NRA's history, its community outreach programs and a tour of the National Firearms Museum, the students were joined by Top Shot's Season 4 winner Chris Cheng for some marksmanship practice at the NRA Range.

After taking the NRA Range Test to make sure everyone was well acquainted with safety procedures, the kids were split into small groups, equipped eye and ear protection and started shooting. Under normal circumstances, range visitors must bring their own firearms. Ammunition must also be brought by the shooter, or bought at the range. However, thanks to some very generous volunteers and NRA employees, the range was outfitted with a wide selection of firearms and ammunition for the summit.

The kids had a great time going from lane to lane and trying different guns. Cheng stood at the range's last lane with his custom Glock 34 and helped coach students to more accurate shots.

When the last Y.E.S. attendee had made it through, the four highest scoring shooters were rewarded with a special prize by Cheng. When the Bass Pro Shops-sponsored shooter arrived earlier in the day, he brought hats for everyone. Mounting the hats of the four best shooters to the target retrieval system, Cheng shot holes in each bill and signed autographs - a prize the kids would never forget.


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