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See British made Calisher-Terry Carbine on Sportsman Channel this afternoon

British Calisher & Terry 'door bolt' breech-loading carbine

Fairfax, Virginia - The battle of Gettysburg was fought from July 1 through July 3 in 1863. Three days that would result in the bloodies battle ever fought on American soil. So today, the 150th Anniversary of that battle, NRANews looks into one of the more popular firearms used in the battle. The British Calisher & Terry 'door bolt' breech-loading carbine.

"It was imported during the war for the Confederacy and made famous by Jeb Stuart," said Philip Schreier, Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum. "But they probably saw their widest use during the Māori Wars of New Zealand in the 1860s."

The Birmingham-made carbine was easier to handle than the longer, .577 caliber Enfield rifle. Manufactured between 1858 and 1869 (approximately), the breech .30 bore was designed so the shooters could load them while riding horseback or laying flat on the ground.

Philip Schreier holding a British Calisher & Terry 'door bolt' breech-loading carbine

"It's very much a vital part of the history of this region. This was the most fought over piece of real estate during those four years. The Late Unpleasantness. The War of Northern Agrression. The War between the States … whatever you want to call it."

For a closer look, as well as the full story from NRA Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier, tune into the Sportsman Channel this afternoon and every Monday afternoon around 5:40pm for Curator's Corner on NRANews.

A British Calisher & Terry breech-loading carbine on NRANews


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