By James Poole | June 27 2013 09:13

NRA Law Enforcement Division's Tactical Competition simulates injury during a gun fight

Fairfax, Virginia - You've all heard the phrase; traffic stop gone bad. A simple speeding or failure to signal stop can turn a law enforcement officer's good instincts into a potentially tragic event. What happens next can mean the difference between life and death.

That was the scenario put together NRA's Law Enforcement Competition staff for last weekend's Tactical Police Competitions.

With a ten pound weight strapped to the shooting hand (simulating injury), the competitors start with their back to a cruiser and their gun a few feet away. When the buzzer sounds, it's time to get your gun and go.

Watch a few competitors run the course in the video above.

Officer begins NRA Tactical Police Competition's pistol course with his back against a cruiser

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