By Lars Dalseide | June 26 2013 22:07

Pistols turn to Rifles as Gabby ends up with snake eyes on History Channel's Top Shot

We hope to have more on the latest episode of History Channel's Top Shot soon, but until then … here are five quick thoughts on the pistol and rifle play in episode five of Top Shot All-Stars:

Much to our despair, Gabby Franco lost in the elimination on the latest episode of Top Shot All Stars
Shooting Gallery ends Gabby Franco's run on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. The show kicked off with a team challenge centered around the Remington Model 1875, a single action revolver. The single action messes with the aim as the gun has to be cocked before it's fired … thus mandating an adjustment after every shot. Made a bit of a difference for some.
  2. It was a dice game. Six stages where each stage is a different side of a die. With their captains randomly picked from the ammo box, it was Kelly, Brian, Gary, Alex, Gabby and Joe versus Jamie, Chris, Peter, Phil William and Adam. Though taking an early lead, Kelly's team fell off at the end as frequent Bianchi Cup competitor Chris Cerino handed 11-time NRA Pistol Champ Brian Zins his head on the six.

    This had to make Jamie's day as he was constantly his season's punching bag and picked last in the last show. Redemption baby.

  3. You only had enough rounds to complete your round. So miss once and you have to reload. That's where the challenge really turned. Those that fumbled the reload, Gary Quesenberry for example, eventually lost the round.
  4. Three chances to shoot a Volquartsen rifle through a CD at 25 feet. Out of the six up for elimination, only three had at least one clean shot. Kelly smoked it with a perfect three for three performance. He attributed his success to his time shooting in the NRA High Power Championships in Camp Perry. Appreciate the mention sir.
  5. Elimination was a shooting gallery … literally. With 100 bottles stacked on three racks, Alex and Gabby (those who eventually lost on the Proving Grounds) had two minutes to unleash their fury with a Ruger 10-22 rifle. Alex jumped to an early lead and kept it. With a 58-45 win, Alex sent the one and only woman in the Top Shot All-Stars back to Miami. Nuts.

    Heading into the elimination, she told us that "I'm a woman who knows my limitations, but I'm not limited to them."

    We're going to miss you Gabby.


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