By Lars Dalseide | June 24 2013 16:04

Pre and Post-World War II Detective Specials come with special nuances

Two different versions of Colt's Detective Specials at the NRA Museum in Fairfax

Fairfax, Virginia - Telling the difference between first issue, second issue and third issues Colt Detective Specials isn't a easy task. Not everyone appreciates the slight yet significant differences between the three. That's why we have Phil.

And that's why the crew over at NRANews keeps bringing Phil back for their regular Monday afternoon segments of Curator's Corner.

We're talking about Mr. Philip Schreier, Senior Curator for the NRA National Firearms Museum. This week on Curator's Corner, he takes to the Sportsman Channel airwaves to share some of those differences with two Colts in hand.

"First you start off with the square butt revolvers," Schreier started. Last week we looked at a Banker's Special with a square butt. That lasted from 1926/27 until 1933/34. And then they went to what we now recognize as the round butt."

And the differences don't stop there.

The ejector rod on the latter version comes with a gnarled step into it and a more pronounced ram on the sight. There's also a checkered trigger versus a grooved trigger on the latter. And as with a great deal of the Post-War Specials, you'll find a number of inspector cartouches and ordinance marks stamped on the side.

But we don't want to take the wind out of Phil's sails. Instead, we'll leave the majority of the show and tell up to the man himself.

See it all for yourself this afternoon around 5:40 eastern time on Sportsman Channel. And remember ... when you're looking for small differences in small guns, Phil is your man.


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