By Kyle Jillson | June 20 2013 09:44

NRA sanctions reduced-shot 3-gun match for Club Champion Challenge

NRA Club Champion Challenge winner Al Bockemuhl

Wallkill, New York - You can't have a conversation with a shooter these days without discussing the ammunition shortage.

Popular calibers seem to fly off the shelves as soon as new shipments arrive and getting your hands on a box will stretch your budget. New York has been hit especially hard by the lack of available ammunition and, now that the weather is warm, competitive shooters are having a tough time looking for fun.

Enter the NRA.

This past May, NRA Competitive Shooting designed a sanctioned 3-Gun Club Champion Challenge for the Wallkill Rod & Gun Club in Wallkill, New York that required fewer rounds than your standard 3-Gun competition. Working around the (hopefully temporary) constraints, the match allowed shooters to enjoy some sport without running too high a bill. The match was divided into five stages, one per week, requiring an average of 20 rounds each. NRA Competitive Shooting even supplied awards and promoted the match on social media.

“NRA Competitive shooting is happy to find creative ways for shooting clubs to hold sanctioned matches during situations like the ammunition shortage," said John Parker, NRA Competitive Shooting's Administrative Assistant. "We want to help shooters worry less about how they’re going to shoot and instead focus how well they’re going to shoot.”

Everything went great and below you can see the final results. In addition to a flashy belt buckle, the club champion won an exclusive parking spot at the range - what a prize.

  1. Club Champion: Al Bockemuhl Jr. - Montana Silversmiths belt buckle
  2. 2nd place: Beck Whightsil - NRA Club Champion Medal
  3. 3rd place: Frank Riess - NRA Club Champion Medal
  4. High Senior: Howie Eriksen - NRA Club Champion Medal
  5. High Junior: Justin Ryther - NRA Club Champion Medal

NRA Club Champion Challenge 3-Gun match shooters in Wallkill, New York


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