By Lars Dalseide | June 19 2013 22:12

Think the Long Bow is boring? What if they follow it with a Bulldog Gatling Gun on History Channel's Top Shot

We'll have more on this week's episode of History Channel's Top Shot soon enough. Until that day … here are five quick thoughts on the pistol play in episode four of Top Shot All-Stars:

Kyle Sumpter fails to load the Gatling Gun and goes home on Top Shot All Stars
Kyle couldn't load the Gatling quick enough on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. Challenge round was a long bow at 100 yards. Immediately you start identifying the archers. Joe Serafini, Adam Benson and Kelly Bachand immediately come to mind. While Kelly and Adam perform well, taking second and third respectively, Joe barely escaped elimination. That from a man with 26 archery titles in six states. That's pressure for you.
  2. Gabby Franco, the undersized pixie that she is, appeared to be in big trouble. Her practice round produced little by way of results … unless you count the open wound that developed on her forearm as the string scrapped away the skin. True to Season 5 form, she defied the odds, found her aim, and ended with a third place finish. Gary Quesenberry finished in first
  3. The Proving Ground, finally without the afore mentioned Franco, had four shooting a Styer at 200 yards. Assumed the Police Commander would have an easier grasp upon the rifle than others. That's what assumptions get you. With a shot that landed further out than anyone else, he's joined by Rescue Swimmer & Season 2 punching bag Jamie Franks in the elimination round.
  4. The elimination practice round featured Guns & Ammo Editor Gary James as the qualified expert. Why Gary? Because the firearm of choice was a Bulldog Gatling Gun … and Gary knows Galtings. Kyle was methodical while Jamie took on more of a fast and furious approach. So what's more important? Load quick or shoot quick? Soon they'd discover you can't do one without the other.
  5. Elimination asked competitors to knock down three telephone poles with a Bulldog Gatling Gun. So what was it, shoot quick or load quick? It didn't seem to matter. Kyle was having so much trouble loading that Jamie had the first pole down before Kyle got a shot off. In fact, Jamie knocked down two before Kyle had one on the ground. But there was still a chance. As hard a time as Kyle was having loading ammo, Jamie was having just as hard a time finishing off the final pole. Nonetheless, it ended just as it began — Jamie was shooting while Kyle was caught trying to feed ammo. Well done Jamie.


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