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Holster options when the weather turns warm and the clothing become lighter

NRA 5.11 Holster Shirt allows you to carry a small revolver or auto-loader securely and invisibly under another shirt.

NRA Store's Dirk Grove returns from Father's Day weekend with three solutions for those summertime conceal carry issues

Fairfax, Virginia - The warmest days of the year are approaching. And that means some creative thinking is in order, if you’re going to carry a concealed handgun.

If you work in an air-conditioned office, a conventional holster system might continue to work, even in the summer. But, let’s face it – sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself outdoors, wearing shorts,
t-shirt and flip-flops – with no acceptable way to remain invisibly armed.

Why not think out of the box this summer? And we mean REALLY out of the box – why not disregard conventional holsters altogether? Here are three fantastic alternatives that are sure to enhance your summertime lifestyle without hindering your accustomed vigilance (or your casual comfort).

  1. The NRA 5.11 Holster Shirt. This is the method to choose if you favor Hawaiian shirts or breezy, boxy camp-style shirts. The unique construction of our Holster Shirt allows you to carry a small revolver or auto-loader securely and invisibly under another shirt. The mesh concealment pockets feature additional mesh support over the shoulder to prevent sagging when carrying. The main body of the shirt is constructed of Dri-X-treme, an anti-microbial, moisture wicking, quick drying fabric. It eliminates the need to wear a jacket to cover your conventional shoulder holster or OWB holstered sidearm. Available in crew neck and v-neck styles.
  2. The NRA Total Concealment Holster. If you’re the shirtless-in-the-summer type, this holster is perfect for you. The NRA Total Concealment Holster is cleverly contoured to fit – without printing – BETWEEN your tucked shirt and pants. Made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon, this holster is lightweight, yet durable. It’s surprisingly quick to draw, and it positions your firearm in the one place no one ever thinks to look…making it the most private security we know.
  3. The NRA Ventilated Belly Holster. If you prefer minimal contact between body and holster, here’s another method that works great under a loose shirt. Typical belly holsters rest tightly up against the body, which can cause unnecessary sweating and subsequent discomfort. Our Belly Holster is made of perforated elastic, which allows your body to breathe. Like conventional belly holsters, ours can be worn at the waist or higher up, just under the arms, to provide the most intuitive draw for every individual.

The NRA Ventilated Belly Holster for those who prefer minimal contact between body and holster

So, you see, you don’t have to sacrifice protection in the name of comfort. No matter the weather, NRAstore has a concealment solution for you. Visit to see a wide variety of holsters, shooting gear and other products we’ve specially selected to enhance the NRA lifestyle.

And while you’re there, be sure to request a free catalog!

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