By Kyle Jillson | June 13 2013 08:25

Reno, Nevada's John Madden is Friends of NRA's Western Region Volunteer of the Year

John Madden named Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year

Fairfax, Virginia - Our last Friends of NRA Volunteer of the Year comes to us from out west; Nevada to be specific. Sporting nearly two decades of work with Friends of NRA, John Madden of Reno, Nevada is the 2012 Western Region Volunteer of the Year.

Madden, who currently serves on both the Reno/Sparks and Modesto Friends of NRA committees, raised more than $190,000 over the course of last year's banquet season. But his involvement with the shooting sports goes well beyond underwriting, selling banquet tickets and soliciting sponsorships and donations. John spends as many weekends as possible promoting Friends of NRA at area gun shows. In 2012 he attended 18 throughout Nevada and California.

It should come as no surprise that someone as dedicated as Madden is a NRA Benefactor Member. An extremely effective NRA Recruiter, he assisted with the sign-up of hundreds of NRA members last year. It should also come as no surprise then to learn that his three children are also NRA Benefactor Members. John is also involved with local politics, lending assistance to numerous local and congressional election campaigns throughout the years. He received the NRA "America's 1st Freedom Member of the Year" award in 2001 for his contributions to Nevada politics.

Somehow, between all of his work with Friends of NRA, John Madden manages to run a real estate company - which happens to be a NRA Business Alliance Member.

“John's commitments run deep with over 17 years of service to multiple dinner committees, some as far away from each other as 150 miles," said Steve Wilson, Senior NRA Field Rep, Eastern California and Western Nevada. "He has spent thousands of dollars of his own money to promote and raise money for the cause and still he continues.”

John Madden and the rest of Friends of NRA's Region Volunteers of the Year have truly earned their distinction among the thousands of people who donate their time each year. It is dedication like theirs that makes the future of the shooting sports so bright.


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