By Lars Dalseide | June 12 2013 22:13

Pistol competitions sends Gabby Franco to elimination round on History Channel's Top Shot

We'll have a full rundown of the History Channel favorite in a day or two. Until then … here are five quick thoughts on the pistol play in episode three of Top Shot All-Stars:

Chee Kwan falls to favorite Gabby Franco and the 1875 Schofield Revolver Top Shot All Stars
Gabby sends Chee Kwan home on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. The initial challenge, first one to nail three targets in a head to head shootout, looked completely underwhelming. Then the first group hit the line. The underwhelming apprehensions disappeared. What could have been a huge goose egg turned out to be big winner. Props to the producers.
  2. Names written on spent rounds were drawn from an ammo box. If Colby draws your name, then you get to name your opponent. Most choose poorly as only two beat out their handpicked opponents.
  3. The final round in the opening challenge was between Phil Morden and Chee Kwan. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the editing, but it seemed to take forever. Thought for sure they were going to reload before hitting all three targets. When Chee said, "I really hate this gun", you could empathize with the man.
  4. The Proving Ground, shot with the same SIG P229 used in the opening round, provided a good lesson for all shooters out there. Gabby Franco, an Olympic pistol shooter, flinched. Her round landed way outside the center and landed her in elimination. Her concentration waned and place on the Top Shot stage was in jeopardy. The lesson? If you're going to pull the trigger, concentrate on pulling the trigger.
  5. Gabby and Chee ended up in elimination. Fans of the show will remember that Chee knocked Gabby out of Season 4. Would it happen again? In a challenge where competitors were called on to knock down four rows of six targets (miss one of the six and you start that row all over again) with an 1875 Schofield, it's the pistol shooter who's going to come out on top. Translation? We'll see Gabby next week on Top Shot. Chee? Not so much.


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