By Lars Dalseide | June 5 2013 22:09

History Channel breaks out the Trick Shots for second show of Season 5

We'll have a full rundown of the History Channel favorite in due time, but until then … here are five quick thoughts on the trick shots in episode two of Top Shot All-Stars:

Blake Miguez is the second to go home on Top Shot All Stars
Blake Miguez is sent back to Louisiana on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. The theme of tonight's episode was trick shots. Everything from splitting a bullet on an axe head to an Annie Oakley over the shoulder to hitting a corncob pipe in a mannequin's mouth. No easy task.
  2. Out of the fifteen possible contestants, Jamie Franks was chosen last over all. To rub their nose in it, Jamie was the only one to go a perfect three for three in the paint can challenge (shooting one sends can on top in the air, hit the flying can too). Will he get a little respect next week?
  3. Though a trick shot episode, the Proving Ground was a simple Henry Lever Action at a bullseye target in a supported prone position. Not all that tough. None the less, the two who were sent to elimination were more than five and seven inches out. Gabby Franco, on the Ground for the second week in a row, scored the closest shot.
  4. In the elimination round, competitors were tasked with shooting three separate challenges; hit a bottle while shooting a Smith & Wesson upside down, knock a gumball off a golf tee with a rifle and break two plates simultaneously with a revolver in both hands.
  5. Blake, a lawyer from Louisiana and Kyle, a Police Commander from Washington, ended up in a tie after all three elimination challenges. For the tie breaker, they went back to the gumballs where Blake was 0-3 and Kyle was 1-3. Though Blake broke a ball along with a tee, thus nullifying the hit, Kyle notched a hit and sent Blake back to the Bayou.


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