By Lars Dalseide | June 3 2013 08:07

Hi-Temp Panic Syndrome countered by Tactical Shorts from NRA Store

5.11 Tactical Shorts at the NRA Store

NRA Store Manager Dirk Grove returns with his first summer special for Membership Monday

Fairfax, Virginia -Most NRA folks we know are “gadget” people. They’ll never leave the house without a pocket knife, flashlight, CCW permit, keys to long-forgotten storage units, dog biscuits, batteries, dental floss, and, well, you get the picture.

And most of these folks get a little panicky with the onset of warmer summer weather.

Is their panic due to perspiration phobia? Could it be an aversion to frigid supermarket air conditioning levels? Perhaps it’s due to anticipated symptoms of withdrawal from warm, crackling winter wood fires.

By conducting a semi-serious, non-scientific survey, the NRAstore team has concluded that it’s actually none of the above. Our findings point to one overriding reason for the “NRA Hi-Temp Panic Syndrome.”


Luckily (and once again!), the NRAstore is here to help.

If you count yourself among the aforementioned “NRA Gadget People,” why not try a few pairs of NRA Tactical Shorts? Designed just like their longer-legged counterparts, our shorts all feature a multitude of large pockets. Sized to accommodate 30-round magazines with ease, these pockets are also ideal for road maps, receipts, cell phones, cameras, passports, wallets, keys, emergency tool kits and even the occasional breakfast sandwich.

And these short couldn’t call themselves “tactical” unless they featured dedicated compartments, specifically engineered and reinforced for folding tactical knives.

Tru Spec and Vertx Tactical Shorts from

Cut with generous 9-inch inseams, our NRA Tactical Shorts will present a trim silhouette for virtually every body type. Plus, they boast elasticized waistbands and generous (but not baggy) crotch designs that will provide a full range of motion during strenuous tactical maneuvers.

With NRA Tactical Shorts, you can choose from several different performance materials: tough cotton canvas on our 5.11 and Vertx models; and lightweight, 65/35 polyester/cotton ripstop material on our TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Shorts.

Or, if you prefer long pants in every season, all our NRA Tactical Shorts also come in full-pants versions, with reinforced knees.

Get active this summer! Get one or more pairs of NRA Tactical Shorts! They’re available at, along with thousands of other products specially selected to enhance the NRA lifestyle.

P.S. Here’s a hint: Buy now for Father’s Day!


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