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Frog Dog, the ultimate weapon in bomb detection and ambush protection

Former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek and his war buddy, Chopper

"I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for that dog."

That's what former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek had to say about Chopper, the dog by his side through several tours of combat and a recent subject of NRA Life of Duty's Patriot Profiles.

Presented by Brownells, NRA Life of Duty is an exclusive program for members of the military, law enforcement and first responders who serve and protect our nation. Every month, they look into the lives and actions of those men and women by way of a Patriot Profile. This one focused on Trevor and Chopper.

A free spirit surfer dude from California, Trevor had little thought of discipline or duty until the day we all remember 9/11. Soon after, his brother enlisted in the United States Air Force. That's when Trevor decided to go for the SEALs. Beyond a call to duty, he had a personal reason to serve.

"I always wanted to be in a position … to rescue my brother if he ever got shot down."

After tours in Iraq and South East Asia with SEAL Team 7, he returned to the States to await his next deployment. That's when he fell into the canine program.

"They just said here's some money, go get a dog and introduce it to the SEAL teams."

The dog he chose was Chopper ... the wildest specimen in the lot. With no guidelines or training regiments, Trevor decided the best way for Chopper to be effective was to take part in the same training as Trevor. That meant working with explosives, traversing hazardous waterways and a trip to North Pole.

Former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek stands guard with Chopper, the dog he trained for combat operations "I just put my head down and worked. I made him endure everything I had to do."

When something new is introduced to the SEAL Teams, it's usually meant with resistance. But after watching Chopper in action, they soon accepted him into the group.

Their first joint deployment would be with SEAL Team 5 in Afghanistan.

To hear the more about Trevor and Chopper, or to find out more about Life of Duty, watch the Frog Dog Patriot Profile video on


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