By Lars Dalseide | May 29 2013 22:04

Premier of History Channel show returns past favorites and new elimination round

We'll have a full rundown of the History Channel favorite tomorrow, but for now … here are five quick thoughts on the premier of Top Shot All-Stars:

Gregory Littlejohn is the first to go home on Top Shot All Stars
Greg Littlejohn goes home tonight on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.

  1. All four Top Shot winners returned for the opening round. Each provided insight on the competitors and the challenges. While it was good to see the gang all together, would have been nice to see them shooting.
  2. The initial challenge was an obstacle course - over a rope and shoot, up a telephone pole ladder and shoot, under razor wire onto an unstable platform and shoot. Gary Quesenberry was first to go and took forever. Turns out that performance was not the standard. By showing a lot of Gary cutaways, thought for sure he was on his way out.
  3. Producers added a "Proving Ground" round which decided who would go to the elimination round. Take a Colt Peacemaker, shoot once and the two furthest away from center go to elimination. Gary and Greg Littlejohn were on the outside. As Greg said, he couldn't get enough meat on the gun.
  4. During the Proving Ground round, Gabby Franco was 1.1 inches off and Brian Zins was practically dead center perfect. That's what Olympic training will do for you.
  5. Greg and Gary were neck and neck through the first two targets. Due to his experience as a Grenadier Shooting Champion, most thought Littlejohn would breeze through the elimination. But Gary waited for the smoke to clear and Greg rushed his shots ... always a mistake. Congrats to Gary and goodbye to Greg. Sorry to see it happen but somebody had to be first.


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