By Lars Dalseide | May 27 2013 15:15

National Firearms Museum Curators share stories and firearms for Memorial Day Marathon

Civil War era firearms for Sportsman Channel's Memorial Marathon of NRA's Guns & Gold

Fairfax, Virginia - In preparation for their nine-hour Memorial Day Marathon, Sportsman Channel packed up crew and gear for a special trip to the National Firearms Museum. As the marathon centers around NRA's Guns & Gold, who better to tap for the intros and outros than host Jim Supica and Philip Schreier?

"They asked us to film some spots for the show," said Supica. "Just me, Phil and a few battle tested rifles, carbines and pistols for color."

Starting right after the NRANews Memorial Day Special with Lt. Colonel Oliver North, the NRA's Guns & Gold marathon begins promptly at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time and runs throughout the entire day.

Jim Supica and Philip Schreier laughing while waiting to film intros for Sportsman Channel's Memorial Day Marathon

What you'll see in the hands of our very learned NRA Curators are:

  • A British Brown Bess
  • Model 1763 Charleville Musket
  • M1 Garand
  • M1 Carbine
  • Two .50 Caliber Korean War Sniper Rifles
  • Smith & Wesson Schofield Revolver
  • Cole Single Action Army
  • Spencer Carbine
  • 1853 Pattern Enfield Rifled Musket
  • M16
  • Thompson Sub Machine Gun
  • Two 1911 pistols

Those twelve guns are just the icing on the cake. The real meat in the meal will come from the show as NRA's Guns & Gold travels to places like Tulsa and St. Louis for some of the most intriguing firearms found throughout the United States.

Supica and Schreier wait with sniper rifles to film intros for Sportsman Channel's Memorial Day Marathon

So tune in tonight for the Guns & Gold Memorial Day Marathon at 6:00pm on Sportsman Channel — channel 605 on DirectTV, 395HD on Dish, 308 on Verizon Fios and 642 on AT&T U-Verse.


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