By Lars Dalseide | May 24 2013 12:16

Four different shooters lead four different categories headed into the final day of competition

Top Shot contestant Maggie Reese at the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup in Missouri

Columbia Missouri - For the final day of the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup, the focus will be on the Moving Target Event. That's where the likes of Carl Bernosky and Bruce Piatt will try to chip away at Doug Koenig's overall lead. Though tied in points, it's Koenig's five point advantage in X's that puts him ahead of the pack.

"That's usually what it comes down to," said NRA National Pistol Manager Tom Hughes. "These men and women are so proficient with a pistol that the only thing that separates first from second are the X's."

If he keeps shooting the way he's been shooting for the past few days, not to mention the past few years, then we're likely to seen Doug Koenig walk away with his 15th National Bianchi Cup Title. But until we can tip our hat to the man or woman who wins in all, here's a tip to those leading the each of the four stages that makes Bianchi the challenge it is.

Shooting the Barricade Event at the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup in Missouri

The Practical Event

Place Name Score
1 Doug Koenig 480-45x
2 Kyle Schmidt 480-42x
3 Kevin Angstadt 480-41x
4 Bruce Piatt 480-40x
5 Carl Bernosky 480-39x

The Barricade Event

Place Name Score
1 Carl Bernosky 480-48x
2 Craig Ginger 480-48x
3 Tony Holmes 480-48x
4 Doug Koenig 480-48x
5 Andy Krantz 480-48x

The Moving Target Event

Place Name Score
1 Zeljko Cvetnic 480-39x
2 Enoch Smith 480-33x
3 Geoffrey Matthewes 478-33x
4 Steve Weathersby 478-35x
5 Robert Vadasz 478-28x

The Falling Plates Event

Place Name Score
1 Kevin Angstadt 480-94x
2 Craig Ginger 480-77x
3 Steve Weathersby 480-76x
4 Tiffany Piper 480-71x
5 Zeljko Cvetnic 480-64x


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