By Kyle Jillson | May 23 2013 12:03

Rob Leatham, Doug Koenig, Jessie Duff and more teach pre-Bianchi Cup clinic

Rob Leatham teaching a young shooter at the Bianchi Cup Pro-Shooter Clinic

Columbia, Missouri - This past Monday morning a couple dozen Bianchi Cup competitors got a top flight education in action pistol from some of the best shooters in the world. Sure the Bianchi Cup Pro-Shooter Clinic required attendees to squeeze out a couple extra vacation days, but it was more than worth it to work with the likes of Rob Leatham, Jessie Duff, Doug Koenig, Mickey Fowler, Rob Vadasz, Kyle Schmidt and Carl Bernosky.

Action pistol is one of the most exciting shooting sports to watch because of its dynamic events. But those very events also make it extremely challenging to master. With all the variation in movement and time limits, it's a wonder that the top shooters manage to get such great scores.

Top-level skills aren't conjured through black magic, but they come from hours and hours of rigorous practice. You can imagine the treat these clinic attendees were in for when Rob Leatham, an instructor himself, gathered a few of his friends and decided to teach their decades of tips and tricks just before this year's Bianchi Cup.

Jessie Duff at the Bianchi Cup Pro-Shooter Clinic

The weather wasn't very cooperative as it rained intermittently throughout the day, but the pro-shooters were eager to teach and the attendees were eager to learn so everyone stuck it out - rain or shine.

After a brief introduction of the day's instructors, Leatham and co. demonstrated the course of fire for each Bianchi Cup event before splitting the crowd into smaller groups.

The smaller groups rotated between events where different pro-shooters were stationed for hands-on instructing on leading, stance, preparation, and lots more; you name it and they covered it. At the events, Kyle Schmidt and Doug Koenig respectively took the upper and lower Moving Target ranges, Mickey Fowler instructed at Practical, Jessie Duff at Barricade and Rob Leatham at Falling Plate.

Doug Koenig at the Bianchi Cup Pro-Shooter Clinic

No doubt the entire group could have stayed there all day, or even all week, but the Bianchi Cup was drawing closer and the clinic came to an end a few hours later.

Clinic attendees were excited to try their new skills once shots were for record and see how much their game had improved. Just how much did the clinic help? We'll find out when the award ceremony rolls around Saturday evening.


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