By Kyle Jillson | May 23 2013 08:12

Koenig nearly-perfect on Practical but remains off the leaderboard

MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri - Scores are out for the first day of shooting at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup and they're just what we expected as defending Champion Doug Koenig captured the Practical Event lead with a 480-45x. Just three x-ring hits short of a completely perfect score, Koenig made the most of his opening day.

Despite his practically perfect performance, Koenig is not in the lead. He isn't even in the top five. It's not a performance issue, it's a procedural one.

Bianchi is a three-day event. A three-day event in which four stages are shot. Yesterday, for example, our defending champ was shooting Practical. Today he will shoot Barricade and Falling Plate. On Friday, the final day, Doug will make his final charge on title 15 while going headfirst into Moving Target.

This is true for most shooters. Not that they'll be making a charge for the title on Moving Target Friday, but that they will, as some point, shoot two events in one day. That's why the overall rankings/scores may look a bit off at the moment.

Here's what the Practical Event looks like after the first day:

2013 Practical Event

Place Name Score
1 Doug Koenig 480-45x
2 Kyle Schmidt 480-42x
3 Kevin Angstadt 480-41x
4 Bruce Piatt 480-40x
5 Carl Bernosky 480-36x

This isn't to say that the shooters currently at the top are not good. These guys are all maxed out in points and are doing their jockeying though x's. The leaderboard will continue to shift over the next couple days as every shooter slowly completes the four events, but don't be surprised to see some of these shooters back near or at the top when everything's done.

But while the final results are likely to come down to looking at the number of x's a shooter has, a single slip-up can throw them far down the list and out of contention.

This is the total aggregate's leaderboard from Day 1:

2013 Bianchi Cup

Place Name Score
1 Karl Piper 960-94x
2 Bruce Piatt 960-88x
3 Mickey Fowler 960-66x
4 Steve Weathersby 958-91x
5 Geoffrey Matthews 958-71x


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