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Greater Triangle Friends of NRA hold highest grossing event ever in North Carolina

Attendees at the Golden Triangle Friends of NRA banquet in North Carolina

Fairfax, Virginia - Last month featured the best Friends of NRA banquet the state has ever seen. Featuring NRA Second Vice President Alan Cors, NRA Board Member Edie Fleeman and almost 800 Second Amendment Supporters, the event was a huge success. And fresh off the press we have an article covering the historic night from NRA Event Support Coordinator Allison Terusiak. Enjoy.

With the economy in yet another year of little growth, you would think that finding an excess of funds would be nearly impossible. Not so for the Greater Triangle Friends of NRA committee in North Carolina. Not only did this committee beat out its previous year's net income profits by over $53,500, but it decided to throw in a side of victory by setting the record for the highest net profit sales for the state of North Carolina, totaling $95,865. How you ask? We were able to get a little insight from one of the major contributors to this success, committee chairman Elvie Jackson.

NRA Second Vice President Alan Cors

According to Jackson, there are several key components that he feels contributed to this exuberant year. "You have to have a good group of folks who work together and are serving the same goal,” stated Jackson. "Getting volunteers enthused about their purpose helps to get things done". And get things done they did. Like a racehorse anxiously awaiting the buzzer, committee volunteers pushed hard to achieve sales that put them $26K in the black before the gate had even swung open.

Normally, this banquet would have expected anywhere from 420-465 attendees, however, desperate times call for desperate measures. Instead of sending out the normal 8,000 letters to members urging them to buy their tickets and support the 2nd Amendment, the committee decided to send out 12,000. Considering the price of a single stamp has steadily crept its way up over the years, you can imagine the financial burden involved in this process. Thankfully, a corporate sponsor was generous enough to offer to pay for all of the mailings, putting a big chunk of change back into the committee’s pocket. When it was all said and done, the final attendance clocked in at 780 people due to the great efforts by the committee and its volunteers.

Crowd at the Golden Triangle Friends of NRA banquet in North Carolina

Another important part of the Greater Triangle banquets are the speakers. "We have never had a bad speaker from the NRA,” said Jackson. With guests such as NRA Second Vice President Allan Cors and NRA Board Member Edie Fleeman, who could disagree? "People who listened said Mr. Cors had an excellent message,” stated Jackson, and with a room full of die hard 2nd Amendment supporters, it showed by the enthusiasm on the bidding floor. The Kel-Tech itself brought in $2,100 and the Savage.308 rifles grossed around $9,800.

You really have to wonder how it must feel to someone who has put in such great efforts, not only to have given his all in support of our 2nd Amendment rights and the shooting sports, but to shatter the state record in the process. "It feels great!” said Jackson. "It will be hard to do it again, but we always go in to do better, and we're looking forward to beating the new record.” After all the hard work and the adrenaline rush of becoming number one in the state, what kind of recognition goes to those who have volunteered their time and efforts to continue the legacy of the Friends of NRA program? According to Jackson’s philosophy, "We're all volunteers. We don't get paid to do this, so we have to love what we do. In the end just being a part of it is rewarding enough.” Without this philosophy, you can be certain that Friends of NRA wouldn’t be where it is today.


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