By Lars Dalseide | May 12 2013 10:42

NRA Foundation Banquet brings thrills to thousands in Houston

Thousands gather in the Hilton Americas-Houston Grand Ballroom for the NRA Foundation Banquet in Houston

Houston, Texas - On the first night of the NRA Convention in Houston, a few NRA members got together for a meal. Correction ... a few thousand NRA Members got together for a meal. A meal and an auction. The National NRA Foundation Banquet.

A tough ticket no matter what the political environment, the NRA Foundation Banquet serves two primary purposes; a welcome and a fundraising. Winning a few games, guns and auctions is just the icing on the cake.

Six shooter up for auction at the NRA Foundation Banquet at the NRA Foundation Banquet in Houston, Texas

Sitting side by side and wall to wall, members make their way from table to table, taking their time to inspect each and every item. An AR-15, an NRA blanket, a derringer, hunting trips, a signed Charlie Daniels fiddle and more. Simple put — if you can't find something that interest you, then you're not looking hard enough.

"I saw that Charlie Daniels fiddle and knew I had to have it," said Catherine from New Mexico. "A great souvenir I can't wait to get home. Best of all, the money is going to a good cause."

Tables full of auction items at the NRA Foundation Banquet at the NRA Foundation Banquet in Texas

Now if you're anything like me, you're wondering how much? How about $450,000. Almost a half million dollars going for 1911s, Silver Stag blades, cowboy boots and a GLOCK signed by Gunny R. Lee Ermey.

But you better be careful what you bid on. For when the man who won the Gunny signed GLOCK stopped to shake hands along his way to the stage, Gunny grabbed the microphone and sounded off.

"What's your major malfunction numbnuts. Can't you find your way to the stage in a orderly fashion!"

A GLOCK and the opportunity for personal abuse from the Gunny ... priceless.

Here's a look at the fun:

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