By Lars Dalseide | May 7 2013 12:21

New product line adds style to the everyday conceal carry holster

Flashbang's Prohibition Holsters debut at the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas - Lisa Looper created a sensation when she dropped the Flashbang Bra Hostler onto the shooting world. Clipping to the front of a bra band, the holster provides ladies with quick, easy access to their concealed firearm. Though made primarily for pocket pistols, they are able to support the weight of the larger caliber guns.

So what is Looper offering now? Style. Style in the name of Prohibition Holsters.

"We decided it was time for the men to have a little style in their conceal carry wardrobe," said Looper. "We took the traditional holsters and upped the style level one notch. They are all black, all sleek leather and stitched in red or blue pinstripe. They add a little fun to the routine of putting on your gun every morning. "

Looper named the Flashbangs Holster series after classic pinup girls. For the Prohibitions, which made their national debut at the NRA Convention in Houston, she took her inspiration from the gangsters of the earlier Twentieth Century.

"One positive thing you can say about those guys is that they had style."

Bearing names such as Capone, Baby Face, Pretty Boy and Bugsy, the holsters come with an equally stylish belt should you so choose.

"We call the belt Alcatraz. Its for when want to lock down your gear."

Flashbang's Prohibition Holsters at the NRA Convention in Houston All in all, it's an impressive next step in what some believed was a one hit wonder. With the Prohibition Holster line, Looper demonstrates the ability to diversify in both style and design. It's inspirational. One that comes with a singular attitude.

"Think of it like polishing your toenails instead of clipping your toenails," she said with a grin. "We try to do things just a little bit better."


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