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Microfiber Leak Containment in the Outdoor World from

NRA Tactical's Waterproof blanket

While we're on the road back from Houston, NRAStore Sales Manager Dirk Grove whipped up the favorite from the NRA Tactical secton:
When leaks occur in the political world, bad things often follow.

The same may be said of leaks in the outdoor world, although the consequences may be somewhat less dire. Leaks in the outdoor world are responsible for stained truck seats, ruined picnics, rusted guns, foul-smelling dogs and a plethora of other inconveniences that can ruin an otherwise perfect day in the field.

Luckily, there’s a product available to help alleviate the outdoor leak problem (which may be approaching epidemic proportions).

The NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket is a pioneer in the field of waterproof blankets. “How so?” you may ask, “I’ve seen waterproof blankets before.” That may be true, but most waterproof blankets are waterproof only on one side, consisting of a simple blanket with a rubberized coating. Of course, the inherent problem with those older-technology blankets is that only one side is usable. Plus, after a season or two, the rubberized coating usually cracks and deteriorates, negating its moisture resistance.

That’s where the NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket really shines. The advanced H2P (Hydro Powerblock Fleece) technology features a micro-cell membrane IN BETWEEN 2 layers of 100%waterproof/windproof fleece to give you the ultimate in protection. That means you’ll always have two soft, waterproof sides available to nestle against your prized firearms. Or your chapped and windburned skin.

Use the NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket as a shooting mat. Use it for a picnic blanket. Use it as an impromptu seat cover to ward off blood stains from your next trophy whitetail. Or, pack it in your emergency “go bag.” In a crisis, this blanket can be used to gather drinking water, or as a tourniquet for wounds. We’ve even seen it used – no kidding! – as a tow rope to pull a full-sized Ford F-150 pickup truck!

This insulated blanket can truly be used anywhere. It’s built to last with a tensile strength of 120 lbs. and puncture resistance of up to 15 lbs. There’s a carry strap included, which performs double duty to keep the blanket neatly rolled.  We’ve kept it compact at 48” x 60”, so it won’t be appropriate on your king sized posturepedic. But it’s the perfect size for a thousand and one uses around the house or cabin. You can choose from either Green or Tan (both of which are easily camouflaged). Oh, and the NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket is machine washable and dryer safe.

Two colors of NRA Tactical's waterproof blanket

Still wondering if all this is too good to be true? Never fear, it comes complete with the manufacturer’s 10 year waterproof guarantee. And, it’s 100% made in the USA! How’s that for confidence-building information?

If only the political world had such an easy and ingenious fix for its leaks.

See the NRA Tactical Waterproof Blanket and thousands of other products specifically designed for the NRA lifestyle at


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