By Lars Dalseide | May 6 2013 13:14

Top Shot Celebrities, High Power Rifles and the world of Shooting Sports at NRA Convention

Huntress Brittney Leigh signing posters in the Taurus booth at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas - Looking back, our three days in Texas felt more like an afternoon at Six Flags than the Annual Meetings & Exhibits of the NRA. There we games to play, a top line comedian, prizes to win, activities for the kids as well as a concert or two. And that's before we get to the good stuff.

Good stuff like the rifle, pistols and shotguns on display by the hundreds of visitors. Like the thousands who signed up for their first NRA membership, who sat entranced for an evening by the words of Glenn Beck, who stumbled upon a firearm or two they've never seen before and went home wanting more.

Whether they came for the camaraderie, for the firepower, to lend their support or to learn what comes next, the one thing we don know is that records were set. Attendance records, square footage records, fundraising records and more.

While the final tally on most of those fronts are still unknown, what we do know is what all had the opportunity to see on day number three. And that was:


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