By Kyle Jillson | May 3 2013 17:20

Former Alaskan Governor Palin storms into Houston for the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting

Sarah Palin at 2013 NRA Annual Meeting in Houston

Houston, Texas - Sarah Palin, the Mama Grizzly, was one of the many speakers at this afternoon's NRA-ILA Leadership Forum during the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston.

Taking to the stage with a "Women Hunt" Under Armour shirt (in an deer antler inspired Under Armour logo), the former Alaskan Governor was welcomed with a standing ovation by the thousands of NRA members in attendance.

Beginning her speech by evoking Shakespeare's Henry V, Palin bucked up the crowd, referring to the five million NRA members as her brothers and sisters:

"I am so glad to be here, truly. It makes me think of that famous speech from Henry V — you know the one where young King Henry bucks up troops before he leads them into battle; because you know that's what I do. I quote Shakespeare.

"No, I'm more likely to say buck up or stay in the truck when we talk about defending our rights. But it works. And we are a happy few, a band of brothers and sisters. We are fighting the good fight. A fight for the constitution. This is a fight for the future of freedom."

She went on to highlight exactly when and where freedoms, such as the Second Amendment, were first recognized:
"A people capable of living in freedom, as usual. The men and women who created this country and secured this country, they have the answer. They wrote our founding documents, our charters of freedom for a moral and religious people. They understood that a free people must either nurture reality or lose their freedom.

"John Adams said our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other. Not coincidentally, for those of us here today, you know Adams wrote that for the officers of the Massachusetts Militia when the young republic was on the verge of war with France. He reminded those officers who were charged with leading men, armed with guns, that the freedoms secured by the young republic take for granted a decent and a civil society. "

Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin at the 2013 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Houston, Texas And why does she lend her political clout to the cause?

"As an independent Alaskan, as a Lifetime Member of the NRA, and as an American, this fight is about what kind of people we are. I want Trig to grow up in a country that is exceptional, and is still strong and good and decent and free.

"So what keeps me optimistic, keeps us reloading in this fight, what keeps us going in this fight about this country that I love, I know we love, is the faces that I see here today and the millions who are with us in spirit. How I love you guys. You are in a fight in which the people with the policies they admit won't work are the good guys, and the folks protecting freedom are somehow the bad guys. But you don't give up."

Ultimately, she thanked the NRA and all of our supporters for "fighting the good fight" during an electrically charged 12 minutes at the podium.

If you missed the live airing, or just want to see a batch of great speeches again, head over to NRA News for a full listing of videos (including Palin's Speech) from this year's NRA Annual Meeting.


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