By Lars Dalseide | May 1 2013 12:45

The Buck Knives Paklite FieldMaster kit

Las Vegas, Nevada - Design is meant to catch the eye. A creative curve, a subtle edge or a flash of paint to jumpstart the consumer's desire. And if happens to be an incredibly versatile product designed by an American mainstay like Buck Knives, then there's a chance we're talking about more than design.

At the 2013 SHOT Show, one of the products to fit such a description was the Buck Knives Paklite FieldMaster kit.

"What it is is a PakLite Large Skinner, a PakLite Caper and a PakLite Guthook," started Buck representative Zac Nichols. "And this year we're offering those knives with a blaze orange traction coat which is a textured powder coat for high visibility."

All of the blades are of the skeletal design variety. Lightweight, durable and easy to handle. The traction coat in the paint does just what you imagine … makes the blade easier to grip. And when you consider the liquidity of the task for which these blades where designed to perform, grip is a good thing to have.

But the real bonus that comes courtesy of the traction coat is the color.

"Camo will always have it's place in the outdoors. It looks cool. But I've been out in the field, working on a deer, put my knives down right next to me and poof. I don't know into which universe they traveled to, but they definitely where no longer in this one. Having these available in the orange blaze traction is a real lifesaver. If you drop one or set it down, you're going to know where it is at all times."

This is where the light bulb should go on. Think about it a sec.

How many times have you been out in the woods when your binoculars disappeared, your flashlight vanished or your knife fell into one of those blackholes? Now they were probably just sitting right there in front of you, but Buck Knives Paklite FieldMaster kit with blades in place the camo design allowed the wood shark to swallow it whole. That is not an option with the Buck Knives Paklite FieldMaster kit.

As for the timing of this article, we have three reasons. First is that the kit was still a few weeks away from store shelves once SHOT Show began. Second is that we're sure to see them on display at the NRA Annual Meeting in Texas. And third ... it's hunting season. Now is when you're going to need it the most.

So whether you're ready to hit the woods, the mountains or the open field, think about adding a FieldMaster kit to your pack. Easy to use, easy to see and even easier to see why.


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