By Lars Dalseide | April 29 2013 16:21

Over-Under Browning Shotgun ejects shells to the side instead of the top

Browning Superposed Shotgun at the NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - When we turn to NRANews' Curator's Corner that usually means we're turning to NRA National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier. And when it comes to the guns that Schreier turns to, that's when he turns to the unusual.

The Over-Under Browning Superposed Shotgun is a prime example.

"It's a highly unique twist, turn and side eject," said Schreier. "It's the one firearm system that I'm dying to try in the field."

What that means is the instead of breaking on the top, it breaks on the side.

An opened Browning Superposed Shotgun at the NRA Museum "Most shotguns require you to drop the gun down, open it up and the shells fly in your face. With this one, you can just twist it and pop it so the shells fly away from you. Makes perfect sense."

Manufactured in Leigh, Belgium, the over-under represents the high end of engraved arms made under the Browning trademark. And the functional simplicity is easy to envy.

"It's definitely a high dollar item," said Schreier. "Some of the items here at the museum you can just look at them and tell why they failed in the field. This one — pure genius."

Now while we can't promise you the opportunity to give the gun a try, there is a place where you can give the gun a look. That's on Sportsman Channel.

Airing this afternoon, roughly around 5:40pm, John Popp will welcome Schreier on the Curator's Corner stage for an up close and personal look at this special Browning Superposed. Just a twist and turn and you're ready to go.


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