By Lars Dalseide | April 28 2013 10:13

Five Beretta highlights brought out of the National Firearms Museum

The Pietro Beretta (Brescia, Italy) Set of Four Rifles

Fairfax, Virginia - With all the action and buildup to the Annual Meeting in Houston, you'd think there was little time for anything else here at NRA Headquarters ... not true. That's why we rearranged our schedules and opened our doors when World of Beretta asked for a few moments of our time.

Airing on Sportsman Channel, the World of Beretta television show travel from the factories to the fields while putting their guns to the test by hunters and shooters around the world. They arrived at the NRA, more specifically the National Firearms Museum, for a few prized pieces in the museum's collection.

"Because of his extensive and respected knowledge and expertise in the world of firearms, we asked Phil Schreier (Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum) to serve as on camera expert for five sets of guns," said World of Beretta Director Dan Gagliasso.

The guns in question are:

  • The Mayflower Gun, a 17th Century Wheel-Lock Carbine
  • The Giovanni Beretta Folding Stock Snaphaunce pistol
  • The Beretta "Set of Four" big game rifles
  • The Beretta "Set of Five" S09 Over and Under Shotguns
  • The Die Hard/Lethal Weapon Beretta 92

Standing side by side with host Skip Knowles, Schreier walked the crew through the halls while explaining the elegance and craftsmanship of all twelve. How the Mayflower's barrel was most likely a Beretta, the popularity of the 92 after Die Hard came out, how the Snaphaunce was an early example of a conceal carry gun, and then there were the sets.

While we could go into an explanation of the guns, here's what the museum has on their website:

The result of a unique collaboration between Ugo Beretta and fellow hunter Robert Jepson, the Beretta Set of Four is a spectacular group of double rifles, each engraved to reflect the African big game species of the lion, the cape buffalo, the rhino, The Cape Buffalo rifle from the Beretta Set of four and the elephant. Each rifle is chambered for an appropriate caliber, from .30-'06 to 600 Nitro Express. The fine bulino engraving was executed by Master Engraver Angelo Galeazzi.

Though the final air schedule has yet to be set in stone, Skip and Dan have promised to keep us in the loop. As soon as we know where the World of Beretta lands, we'll let you know.


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