By Kyle Jillson | April 26 2013 08:19

National Rifle Association adding new features to Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA

NRA's Great American Outdoor Show

Fairfax, Virginia - When the NRA took over production of the yearly sporting show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, creating the new Great American Outdoor Show, we weren't just taking the reins and continuing on business as usual.

Before we were even awarded the show, our vision was to see it grow into something much larger and greater than it already was. Growth we knew we could facilitate. The show in Harrisburg is the largest consumer sporting show in the country, but it is still a regional event.

Bringing to bear our experience of putting on 141 NRA Annual Meetings (with the 142nd happening next weekend in Houston), we want to attract a larger, national audience.

The Great American Outdoor Show, debuting February 1-9, 2014, won't end when the exhibit hall closes each day. Attendees will be able to indulge in NRA Country concerts, fundraising dinner banquets, seminars and speaking events from some of the country's best-known personalities.

“The boycott of this year’s show displayed a real solidarity among the outdoor community, but left a lot of people seeking answers after the cancellation,” said David Keene, National Rifle Association President. “We heard from many exhibitors and many more of our members who expressed their disappointment and were concerned about the show’s future. As an exhibitor at the show for over 30 years ourselves, and with 900,000 of our nearly five million members within 300 miles of Harrisburg, the decision to offer our support was unanimous.”

Like our policy at NRA Annual Meetings, firearms at the Great American Outdoor Show will be for display only. But, also like the NRA Annual Meetings, we will be inviting national firearms and accessory manufacturers to participate in a large shooting-focused section of the show. Previously there was little in the way of firearms at the Harrisburg show, but their role, including Modern Sporting Rifles, will now be expanded.

The show’s traditional hunting, fishing, archery, camping and boating areas will still be there and filled with your favorite vendors. Everything is simply getting bigger.

“Harrisburg is a great venue to showcase the NRA’s education, training and safety programs,” said Kyle Weaver, Executive Director of NRA General Operations. “It will also allow other conservation and outdoors organizations the ability to highlight activities through partnerships and alliances with NRA.”

Unlike NRA Annual Meeting, however, where only NRA members are invited, the Great American Outdoor Show will be open to all who enjoy the sporting and outdoor lifestyle.

We'll see you in February.


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