By Lars Dalseide | April 26 2013 12:34

Boy Scout Troop 50 stages promotion celebration at NRA Headquarters

Scouts from Troopo 50 admiring guns on display at the National Firearms Museum Fairfax, Virginia - Robert J. Ciola of Boy Scout Troop 50 recently rose to the rank of Eagle Scout. An honor earned by few who ever enter scouting, the road to Eagle Scout is a long one. But one willed with many rewards.

"The thing that scouting does is teach leadership, self sufficiency and gives a young man confidence," explained American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief (and fellow Eagle Scout) Mark Keefe. "Show him how to do something, he does it, he's reward … not only with a merit badge but with a skill he can utilize for the rest of his life."

Once earning the rank, the scout is recognized in a public ceremony known as the Court of Honor. Per Mr. Ciola's request, his Court of Honor was held here at the National Rifle Association's headquarters in Fairfax.

"As an Eagle Scout, I was proud to have the NRA host such a sacred event," said Philip Schreier, Senior Curator for the National Firearms Museum. "A great deal of sacrifice and patience goes into earning the rank of Eagle Scout and I'm honored to welcome him to the ranks."

The process of becoming an eagle scout starts when a youth joins the boy scouts. He masters skills, earns merit badges, completes an Eagle Scout Service Project, holds a leadership position in The Court of Honor ceremony for Troop 50 at NRA Headquarters the troop and wins over the Board of Review. Getting by the Board means you've made it.

The Court of Honor, where the scout is formally presented (or recognized) with the promotion, is almost like a military procession. Surrounded by fellow scouts, scout leaders, family and friends, it begins the Pledge of Allegiance. The path taken to earn the rank of Eagle Scout is described and letters of praise are read. The Scout Master steps up, presents the young man with his honor, and you're done.

Events like the Court of Honor as well as military promotion ceremonies take place at NRA Headquarters all the time. Though not all are publicized, we mention them from time to time so the public is aware of such opportunities.

For help scheduling an event, call the National Firearms Museum at 703-267-1600.


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