By Lars Dalseide | April 25 2013 16:31

Randy Couture, Joe Rogan, Matt Hughes and the Meat Eater on Cam & Company

Joe Rogan on MMA Week on NRANews

Alexandria, Virginia - Have you been watching NRANews this week on Sportsman Channel? If not, you're missing a lot.

Like what? Like 9-time MMA Champion Matt Hughes, 5-time MMA Champion Randy Couture, lead MMA Commenator Joe Rogan and more.

That's right, it's MMA week on NRANews.

As Randy pointed out, there are a lot of similarities when it comes to fans of MMA and fans of the great outdoors.

"Traditionally the combative sports, especially with blue collar sports, and I think being in the woods or being in the outdoors, that lifestyle is part of how a lot of us grew up," Couture told NRANews host Cam Edwards. "There's just something about being out, with your dad, and learning how to survive the wet and the cold."

Airing at 5:00pm eastern on Sportsman Channel, NRANews keeps you up to speed on the latest firearm related issues of the day. But they do more than that. They also introduce you to the people who support and enjoy the shooting sports. Some that may surprise you, like comedian and MMA Commentator Joe Rogan.

While speaking with Cam, Rogan talked about hunting with Sportsman Channel's Steven Rinella — the MeatEater.

"I was a big fan of Steve's two shows so I knew what kind of hunting he did, I knew his philosophy Randy Couture on NRANews and that's one of the reasons why I was so excited to go with him," Rogan explained. "He's a big believer of fair chase hunting and he thinks you should have to work for it. If I was going to go hunting, I wanted it to be that kind of experience."

For those of you who missed those shows, and want to catch up, you can do just that on the NRANews YouTube Channel with their clips of the day. But if you have the Sportsman Channel, well, saddle up and start watching.

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