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NRA Curators put rifles, pistols and shotguns in front of the cameras for Sportsman Channel

NRA Guns & Gold talks rifles in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Twice a year, curators from the NRA National Firearms Museum trek out to the Tulsa Fairgrounds' Expo Center for Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show. One of the largest (if not the largest) gun shows the country has ever seen, Wanenmacher's is the perfect place to find the final piece of your prized gun collection. For the NRA curators, it's also the perfect place to shoot upcoming episodes of NRA's Guns and Gold.

Airing Monday nights on Sportsman Channel, NRA's Guns and Gold follows NRA Museum Director Jim Supica and Senior Curator Philip Schreier as they travel around the United States appraising firearms. The spring show in Tulsa put their curatorial powers to the test.

"They were coming out of the woodwork," said Supica. "Old and new, rifles and shotguns, pistols and revolvers, a few fakes as well as a treasure or two. It was a good weekend."

NRA Guns & Gold inspects a customized shotgun and case at the Tulsa Arms Show

Practically a staple of the museum's travel schedule, Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show offers eleven acres of arms to be Oohed and Aaahed over a two day weekend. To see it all, you can spend all of 15.8 a seconds taking in each table ... that means if you want to see it all then you might have to go more than once.

"We encourage the public to bring in their guns to sell, trade or for free appraisal," show founder Joe Wanenmacher told NRANews. "We invite families to come out. In fact, right now, we're seeing the third generation (attending the show) since I've been working on the gun show."

Next stop on the Guns & Gold tour is the Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.

As the primary attraction for Thursday afternoon, museum staff along with NRA Board Members and industry experts will occupy the second floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center from 2pm until 5pm for the Antique Guns & Gold Showcase. If there's a firearm you've just been itching to get appraised then this is your chance. There's also a shot of getting on the show.

NRA Guns & Gold looking at a pair of revolvers at the Wannamacher Tulsa Arms Show

"Just be forewarned," said Schreier. "If our producers ask you to be on the show, that means you're either in possession of a rare find or an incredibly elaborate fake. Either way, the truth shall be revealed."


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