By Lars Dalseide | April 11 2013 16:28

Film Crew from The Blaze arrives in Fairfax for firearms shoot

NRA Museum Director Jim Supica waits for The Blaze camera crew to call for the shot

Fairfax, Virginia - The closer we draw to the NRA Convention in Houston (21 days until Texas!), the more activity there is here at headquarters. More phone calls, more visitors and more film crews looking for that last piece of firearms related news before the Annual Meetings begins. Like the one here today from The Blaze.

Launched almost three years ago by political commentator Glenn Beck (the keynote speaker for the Annual Meeting's Stand & Fight Rally), The Blaze is a news website/television network. Soley an internet bound entity at first, The Blaze can now be found on the Dish Network.

The focus of this week's Blaze visit was the NRA National Firearms Museum.

Starting early, crews staked out various locations throughout the fifteen galleries of the museum. But that was the easy part. The tough part was figuring out which guns best tell the story of America.

"We offered a number of suggestions for the show," said NRA Museum Director Jim Supica. "We finally broke it down to five. Five firearms that represent several stages of American history."

Of the five firearms chosen, we can confirm that one was the Mayflower Gun.

An Italian wheel-lock carbine, the Mayflower Gun was brought to the New World back in 1620 by John Alden. When he landed with his fellow travelers on Plymouth Rock, Alden stepped off the good ship Mayflower with hopes, dreams and this very Italian carbine in hand. It is one of the most sacred treasures here at the National Firearms Museum.

Close up of the Mayflower Gun at the NRA Museum in Fairfax "This gun might be responsible for harvesting the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving turkey," Supica said.

After a full day of filming, producers called it a wrap. A long day of efforts rewarded with a train ride back to the Big Apple. There was no other option.

"If we stayed any longer then we'd never get out," said one producer. "There's just so much to see at your museum. We could get lost in here for days."

To catch the final product, tune into The Blaze website or their Dish Network channel on April 29th.


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