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Learned shooting from his father and the United States Naval Academy

NRA National Coach Trainer Daniel Subia and NRA National Training Manager John Howard Daniel Subia's road to the NRA started at his father's side in the open deserts of Arizona. With his trusty slingshot in hand, a four-year old Subia stood and waited. Not making a move, not making a sound, he waited for the quarry to appear. It was everything he hoped for.

"I was filled with so much excitement and anticipation, I could barely sleep that night," said Subia. "It was better then waiting for Santa Claus."

It's that sense of excitement that he's bring now to the NRA. As the new National Coach Trainer, he hopes the to spread that same passion throughout the nation's shooting coaches.

The National Coach Trainer oversees the National Coach Development Staff — a collection of volunteers who teach coach schools , conduct shooting clinics and coach National Shooting Camps. It's a challenging job. One that his time at the Naval Academy prepared him for perfectly.

"I started out fencing," he chuckled. "The whole romantic idea of being a naval officer and knowing how to use a sword. Then a roommate mentioned the pistol team. I was hooked."

Though never making the 'official' team, Subia shot side by side with his classmates through three years of competition. During that time, he managed a first and second place finish in the Secretary of the Navy Pistol Competition. And the team? The team earned three straight National Championships.

"Every day I shot with the best team in the nation. I learned so much. From my teammates, my mentors and my coaches. Coach Karditzas is still there today."

A place to call home in the United States Navy

Subia's Naval career was somewhat stifled thanks to the famed government shutdown of 1995-1996. But that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"I was in limbo," Subia explained. "No place to go, no one to send me anywhere. It was frustrating."

Eventually Bill and Newt found a solution and things were back to normal. Subia found a home in aviation and the Naval Air Station Cecil Field in Florida. That's when everything came together.

While stationed in Cecil Field, he developed a love for the East Coast, met his wife, and kept in touch with the man who helped send him there ... NRA National Training Manager John Howard. He NRA National Coach Trainer Daniel Subia knew even then that all three would play an important role in his life.

"I spent the last decade in Arizona. Hunting the same land I did as kid and teaching my kids how to shoot. Everything I learned in high school (shooting Smallbore 3-Position), at the Naval Academy and hunting with my Dad, I've been passing on to them. Now, by working for the NRA, I'm back on the East Coast, working with John and teaching more people then ever."

Visit the Nation Coach Development Staff webpage for more on how to become part of NRA's Coach Education Program.


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